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What Matters Most...

Of all my hobbies and interests, my family is the most important to me. Carrie’s and my life revolves around our kids and parents.

We love our parents deeply. We owe them a debt of gratitude that we can’t express. This website, which identifies our lives and all our wonderful family pictures, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. They gave us life and taught us the values and principles that govern our lives. Our posterity is a reflection of the seeds that they planted and nourished.  Everything that Carrie and I are, and ever will be, is because of them. God bless our wonderful parents!

About Me...

Family: Carrie (wife), Austin, Emilee (& Chris), Sadie (& Ryan), & Jace

Home: Highland, Utah

Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Powell, UT/AZ

Favorite book: Sgt. Rock

Favorite movie: We We’re Soldiers

Favorite TV shows: News, Survivor, Survivor Man, American Pickers, Gold Rush, & Last Ship  

Interests: Following my kids careers and activities, Starting & Growing businesses, Shopping with my wife, Houseboating at Lake Powell, Weight-lifting, Dirt motorcycle riding, Water & snow skiing, Boating, Faith, TV news, Movies, Friends, Family, BYU football & Basketball, The beach, Traveling, Running, Riding Harley's

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